Insider Witnesses Win Cases.™

Our experience has shown us that articulating such egregious and intentional acts to a jury in a compelling fashion may maximize compensatory recovery as well as the awarding of punitive damages. Stratejic is changing the way collective actions are being successfully prosecuted.

Pioneers in Insider Witness|Mining™, Stratejic professionals document the exact nature of secret, systemic wrongs perpetrated by defendant companies. We do this by identifying and obtaining irrefutable testimony from Insider Witnesses— generally, former employees of such errant companies.
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Stratejic also delivers cost efficient, First to the Courthouse solutions to trial lawyers which ethically identify Plaintiffs and Class Representative Candidates in well-theorized, prospective cases lacking a client.

Stratejic is making a difference by partnering with trial lawyers throughout the country to bring significant cases to the attention of the court. Contact us anytime for more information on how we can help bring your case into the light.

Paul and his team have demonstrated a real proficiency for identifying and acquiring Insider Fact Witnesses who have the potential for bolstering claims, and in my own practice their unique solutions have represented a positive return on my investment.
Michael J. Crow, ESQ.
Beasley, Allen, Crow, Methvin, Portis & Miles, P.C.,Montgomery, AL1-800-898-2034
I’m a believer. The unique assets delivered by these professionals mirror the firm’s own name: Stratejic Relationships. They put me in touch with a former employee of my Defendant, a company sued in a Dram Shop case--- a former employee who provided specific details of how the Defendant, who in the course of doing business, routinely exhibited reckless behavior which directly led to my client’s harm, and who substantially helped my client's case. This is invaluable stuff.
John Romano, ESQ.
Romano Law GroupWest Palm Beach, FL855-525-9268
Paul is an absolute lightning rod when it comes to investigations which produce fact witnesses who possess relevant information about, and interest in, my firm’s cases. His breadth of associations throughout the country is quite impressive, and he has the uncanny ability to help us forge impactful and beneficial relationships.
Terry E. Richardson, Jr., ESQ.
Richardson, Patrick, Westbrook & Brickman, LLCCharleston, SC803-541-7860
Paul is a fact witness magnet on his way to becoming a magnate in the niche he's expertly crafted. Not only do he and his team execute a proven method of bringing influential witnesses to bear in complex litigation, helpful fact witnesses just naturally gravitate toward them. People skills incorporated within the Witness|Mining™ process provide a seamless and time-saving transition which helps me develop relationships with fact witnesses with the potential to positively impact cases.
Darren W. Penn, ESQ.
President, Georgia Trial Lawyers Association Harris Penn Lowry LLPAtlanta, GA404-961-7650
Working with Stratejic Relationships recently has been a very positive experience. Consummate professionals, Paul and his team breathed new life into the investigation of a 10 year old personal injury case by identifying a substantial number of potential fact witnesses who may impact my ability to prevail against a corporate Defendant. They were insightful, prompt, and worked within my budget. Stratejic exceeded my expectations and is an organization with whom I continue to work.
Robert N. Edwards, ESQ.
The Law Office of Robert N. EdwardsPhoenix, AZ1-800-661-0054
I recommend Stratejic. Their talents are unique, and the solutions they have provided to my law practice have been invaluable and well worth the investment.
James G. Onder, ESQ.
Onder, Shelton, O'Leary & Peterson, LLCSt. Louis, MO314-963-9000
Conferring with the EdgeConsultant™ provided to me by Stratejic just prior to an important series of depositions provided me with invaluable insights into how my Defendant secretly conducted their business. Twenty minutes into my questions, and the first deponent had shredded the Defense, facilitating settlement. This is a service I will continue to use.
Stephen P. New, ESQ.
Law Office of Stephen P. NewBeckley, WV304-250-6017
Stratejic is a unique practice which provides us with important investigative case assets we otherwise wouldn't have. Paul and his team delivered exactly what they said they would--- a list of impacted fact witnesses and their addresses relevant to our case within a given state, and they did so within our budget.
John W. Barrett, ESQ.
Bailey Glasser, LLPCharleston, WV304-345-6555
GeoLeads™ by Stratejic has represented a significant return on my investment. Paul and his team saved me a considerable amount of time filing a class action by providing me with the names and addresses of a number of former, harmed employees of my Defendant. When you need a Class Representative, this is a time-efficient, economical, and ethical path to signing one, and a service I will continue to use.
Douglas B. Lipsky, ESQ.
Bronson Lipsky LLPNew York, NY212-444-1024
Stratejic has proven itself to be capable of favorably changing the landscape of complex cases.
Greg W. Traylor, ESQ.
Harris Penn Lowry LLPAtlanta, GA404-961-7650