Stratejic Director Quickly Intervenes to Prevent Peril

Yesterday, a Witness Expert in Tennessee acted quickly to help prevent an assault or worse upon a Montgomery, Alabama resident and her nine year old daughter. Stratejic’s Deana Stiltner was having an initial interview conversation with a perspective witness when the woman stated that an unidentified man was ordering her to open her front door and allow him entry into her house.

The man was overheard by Stiltner banging loudly on the door and shouting “You better show me some respect and open your door!” The man later quickly opened his jacket to reveal a badge and handgun, but refused to otherwise identify himself. Stiltner, a former Federal Agent, advised the woman that the man did not sound like a law enforcement officer to her, obtained the woman’s residence address and then contacted the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office who dispatched deputies to the scene. Stiltner remained on the telephone with the startled mother until their arrival, during which time the unidentified man fled the area. The responding deputies reported that their agency had no record of any of their officers present at the woman’s residence prior to their arrival, and took a report of the incident.

Stratejic Obtains Key Testimony

During a routine transfer and processing of inmates from a county jail to a state prison, a new female inmate was inadvertently not issued a medical badge by the prison which would have granted her access to the prescription medicine she had routinely taken while detained at the county jail. Within a few days the inmate went into seizure and medical personnel employed there by the prison’s contract medical services provider, being inadequately trained and understaffed, were unable to efficiently respond to the emergency health situation. The inmate died there as a result of a Myocardial Infarction and the contributory negligence of the defendants.

Stratejic, LLC witness professionals were able to identify and obtain testimony from certified nursing personnel who had formerly worked at the defendant facility. These parties provided to plaintiff’s counsel invaluable information in regard to both the policies, procedures and protocols of record within the Defendant Company, as well as examples of malfeasance present at the facility in question during the period of the inmate’s unfortunate death which were germane to the plaintiff’s case.