Build Antitrust Cases worth Building.™

“We have a saying here in this company that penetrates the whole company. It’s a saying that our competitors are our friends. Our customers are the enemy.”

–James Randall, Former president of ADM, Archer Daniels Midland Company,
“The Supermarket to the World”.

Substantial civil antitrust cases, particularly those in which conspirators have pleaded guilty and DOJ penalties have been levied, are meant to be filed, not admired. Won, not theorized.

Between the art and the science of human behavior comes Stratejic LLC’s unique CARTEL IMPACT STUDIES, an investigative approach which helps determine the breadth of negative impact on businesses caused by the illicit activities of specific cartels. Our Cartel Impact Studies may also as a by-product result in the routing of interested and qualified potential antitrust plaintiffs to your care without solicitation.

Stratejic professionals fulfill an investigative role among industry-related companies which mirror the plaintiff matrix of specific, already-filed antitrust litigation or in virgin cases, other potentially impacted, corporate entities.

Through a series of telephone conversations and other means our people:

  • Inform decision-makers within these companies of any filed litigation or government investigations involving their own industries;
  • Engage with and endeavor to exchange information with them about the conspiracies behind the action, and
  • Learn about any subsequent, harmful impact upon their own businesses based on either direct or indirect purchases from Defendants.

We relay our findings directly to you. Potential fact witnesses within these impacted businesses may offer material information germane to the case, and often request additional information best provided by a civil prosecutor familiar with the case which may result in a referral to plaintiff’s counsel.

To learn more about how the information derived from Stratejic’s Cartel Impact Studies advances the cause of civil justice and enhances Antitrust Law practices, call Stratejic, LLC today at (770) 572-2202 or email Paul Littrell, Jr. at paul at stratejic dot com