Our People

Our people strive to make a positive impact in the lives of others. We love what we
do which is demonstrated by the successful partnerships we forge with our national law clientele. Stratejic operates its witness-centric practices in order to maximize financial recovery for plaintiffs by providing invaluable assistance in the prosecution and winning of significant cases. Our people are fully invested in the successful outcome of our clients’ business as well as the interests of the companies and people they represent. Our talented and zealous plaintiff advocates operate in the following major domestic markets:


Paul Littrell, Jr.,

Stratejic’s Managing Partner, chairs the firms Atlanta headquarters. Paul is a 28 year private sector investigative veteran and is in charge of comprehensive case review and formulating strategy for the firms national and international Insider Witness|Mining™ and Cartel Impact Study practices.

Anita V. Sheffield

Anita has had an extensive and successful career in sales. Within Stratejics Cartel Impact Study practice, she functions as its Chief Training Officer, and has been instrumental in the success and development of the program, exhibiting a prolific record of success in matching direct-purchase cartel victims to prospective antitrust cases.

H. Walter Flindt

Walter, a licensed private investigator with an impressive 25 year record of defending some of the worlds largest insurance providers, now brings his expertise to bear in the interest and advocacy of plaintiffs affected by catastrophic loss. Walter is in charge of Special Projects and all Field Research as his areas of specialty encompass surreptitious operations including counter-surveillance, background research, and the documentation of fraud and collusion.

Kerry Dockery

Kerry functions in the capacity of Stratejics Director of Research and is instrumental in the efficient file review and preparation of all Cartel Impact Studies for the all-important Interview Phase of these projects. Her management background in the co-employment industry and her experience placing talent in Fortune 500 companies serves her well in her role, and makes her a valuable asset and integral part of our organization.

New York

Carl Walters,

Stratejics New York Bureau Chief, spent over 25 years successfully investigating and prosecuting criminal cases against the U.S. government both domestically and abroad as a Special Agent and supervisor within the United States Treasury Department, and as an inaugural member of the Internal Revenue Services first Criminal Division. Carl, a New York native, is fluent in Spanish and is an expert in proving complicity, criminal intent, and scienter among defendants. He works closely with valued clients in New York, and throughout the Great Lakes Region while also playing a vital role in our International practice.


Lauri Waldman, ESQ.

Lauri received her law degree from Florida Coastal School of Law in Jacksonville, Florida in 2007 and is a practicing attorney in Baltimore. Lauri lives in Washington, D.C. and among other duties, is in charge of crafting the client-approved Interview Scripts which are used in our Insider Witness|Mining projects.

Chicago | Milwaukee

John Ivansthenko

John, formerly with International Paper, is a loss-prevention expert and is responsible for new business within the firm’s Great Lakes Region including Chicago, Milwaukee, and Minneapolis. By virtue of years of interview experience and a genuine concern for others, John possesses the rare ability to put witness candidates completely at ease while making the most of their time and obtaining every relevant case detail for the client. John is experienced with working with witness candidates in both our Insider Witness|Mining and our Cartel Impact Study platforms.


Deana Stiltner,

A former Special Agent and criminal investigator with the United States Department of Agriculture, Deana is in charge of operations in and around Nashville, Knoxville and Chattanooga. Cross-trained and proficient in Cartel Impact Studies, Deana is fast becoming an expert within the realm of Insider Witness|Mining™, and recently served in a lead capacity in a successful class-action lawsuit against a major cellular service provider. In addition to her fine work within Dram Shop law, she has also assisted in the civil prosecution of cases against wireless providers, medical device manufacturers and healthcare providers.

St. Simons Island (GA)

Dobson Waites

Dob had a distinguished career with GE Capital Solutions|Citigroup|The Associates first as a Senior Auditor, as a Director, and then as a Manager. He worked closely with his own staff and with the companies executive board to provide financial solutions and guidance to the company. He brings his rich background of working as both a Certified Internal Auditor and a Certified Fraud Examiner to Stratejic as the inaugural Director of the firms Southeastern Region. From his office located off of the Georgian coast, Dob has demonstrated great skill at delivering superior results for our clients in our Insider Witness|Mining projects. In our Cartel Impact Study practice, Dob was also responsible for segueing our very first cartel victim into a retained client and Class Representative.

South Carolina

Paul H. Wolf

Paul is a loss-prevention expert with extensive interview experience ranging from his tour of duty in Vietnam as a U.S. Army Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge of a large Military Police Unit with a Top Secret Security Clearance to a manager with Giorgio Armani in New York. Paul was most recently responsible for creating the environment in which a cartel victim became a retained client and Class Representative for an direct-purchase Antitrust case filed in Michigans Eastern District Court.