Our Practice Groups


Stratejic has the capacity to identify former employees of defendant drug companies across the globe, including account executives, trainers, managers and project members. We enlist their cooperation in order to obtain testimony germane to the complaint at hand, including first hand exposure to off-label use claims and many other unethical practices harmful to consumers.

Product Liability

Internal documents play a significant, sometimes essential, role in the prosecution of Products Liability cases. Stratejic goes one step farther by recording the seeming prophetic testimony of living internal documents— former employees of such companies.


Through a variety of means we identify former employees of defendant companies and their associated contractors and obtain their testimony in regard to Code of Conduct, Disposal of Waste, Maintenance habits, and other factors which may signal malfeasance.

Consumer Protection

Articulating the inner dynamics and practical application of corporate schemes putting profits over people play a pivotal role in Consumer cases. Our experience has shown us that no one is more poised to give a compelling voice to these scams than former managers, trainers, and account executives of these errant companies.

Antitrust Litigation

Knowledge. Intent. Secrecy. Action. The hallmarks of a criminal conspiracy are expertly applied to strengthen claims by proving alleged violations of the Sherman Act and other conspiratorial commercial plots both domestically and abroad. Carl Walters chairs Stratejic’s International Antitrust Section from New York.

Dram Shop

Stratejic professionals review discovery material and doggedly pursue other means in order to identify personnel present at the defendant establishment at the time of offense, then interview all who are formerly employed in order to corroborate the testimony of fact witnesses. Operational Policies, Code of Conduct, and utterances made near the time of the event all fall under the watchful eye of Stratejic professionals in care of such projects.